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Established in 1966, the Poly Goats Four Wheel Drive Club is one of the oldest clubs still active at Cal Poly SLO. But when it comes down to it, we're really just a group of friends out looking for a good time. Here's what we're all about: We hold bi-weekly meetings on Wednesday nights to discuss club happenings and upcoming events. Members almost always have trip reports and pictures to share. We've had guest speakers discuss topics ranging from welding to land closures. Even on nights with nothing major on the agenda, we still meet up and hang out. We also like to give back to the community. In the last few years the Poly Goats have either organized or participated in cleanups at the Oceano Dunes as well other local spots in SLO county. We've also donated our time and vehicles to other causes. In October 2004, the Poly Goats provided logistical help hauling broken bikes in the Le Pismo Dunes Endurance Beach Race. In April of 2007, we worked the gas pit in the Hi Mountain Dual Sport Ride. We support the community in other random ventures as well (pulling people out, working on trails, etc) Of course, we also like to wheel. Members lead trips throughout the year, and are always happy to have other drivers and passengers join them. Rocks, snow, or sand, forest, desert, or mountains, we've done it all and keep going back for more. Groups have gone wheeling as nearby as Hollister Hills SVRA and the Oceano Dunes, but longer treks to Moab, Utah and even Baja California have also been done. When winter hits, some Goats like to frolic in the snow, while others prefer to stay dry out at Johnson Valley. And when the snow melts, there's always someone heading to Fordyce and/or the Rubicon. When it comes to vehicles, the Poly Goats is an equal opportunity club. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join, whether you've got a stock rig, a rock rig, a desert truck, or no rig at all. And if you happen to have a "fixer-upper," well, there's always someone willing to lend a hand on any project you can dream up. Membership dues are $40/year, which get you two bad-ass Poly Goats vehicle stickers, access to the private forums and photo gallery, and discounts at some local 4-wheeling related retailers. Dues also pay for web site expenses and allow us to throw parties from time to time. You've heard about us, so come see what all the fuss is really about. We're kind of a big deal...

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Posted on Friday, June 01

Meeting Reminder Meeting 11/12
Posted by Big_red on Thursday, November 13, 2014 (03:24:54) (260 reads)

Join us for the next meeting!
WHEN: Wednesday, November 12, 2014 8:00PM
WHERE: 804 Meinecke Ave, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

Now that we're all back from Hollisterween with broken parts and blurred memories, lets continue the spirit of halloween and explore the wonders of duct tape with our first forty-hands meeting of the year. We will be discussing what happened and who broke the most at Hollister in addition to the top 10. We will also be discussing and voting on our final t-shirt design so we can get them made ASAP.

We will also be going over our annual New Years trip to Johnson Valley in Southern California. This is surely a trip you won't want to miss. Bonfires and brews under the desert night sky.

-Michael Danger Gonzalez

PS. Don't forget to pay for Hollister if you haven't already. Due-paying members get a $5 discount.

PPS. Some low beach chairs were left at Hollister, tell me the colors and quantities and they're yours.

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Trips Hollisterween Nov 7-9th
Posted by Big_red on Sunday, November 02, 2014 (22:05:30) (238 reads)

Looking for something awesome to do next weekend? Then join us for our annual trip to Hollister Hills OHV Park. This will be the second year of "Hollisterween" so make sure to bring a costume to wear during the day!

When: Nov 7-9th

Where: Hollister Hills OHV (2 1/2 hours north of SLO).

What: A two day camping trip with our own private campsite. Both dirtbikes and trucks are welcome.

Details: We will have two groups leaving from campus on Friday. One is leaving at noon and the other is leaving later in the evening. Please post up here telling us if you have open seats or need a ride...

What To Bring: Make sure to bring camping gear, warm clothes, food, cash for fuel and a costume!

If you have any questions you can text Courtney at (650) 274-8958

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Meeting Reminder Upcoming Meeting Reminder: 8 PM, Wednesday, April 9 at Meinecke House
Posted by KDP on Wednesday, April 09, 2014 (22:16:50) (502 reads)

Welcome back to a new quarter! Hope break didn't suck too bad.

But here it is again, time for another meeting:
Wednesday, April 9 at 8pm
804 Meinecke Ave

There's a bunch of garbage we get to take care of at this week's meeting, so you're in for a real treat.

Open House:
This weekend we're running a booth of awesome at the club showcase to trick people into thinking we're a fun club. Let's try to be convincing. A few rigs will be in the parade, and a bunch of others will be on display at our 8 spot booth. Rage. ASI hasn't given us a bunch of info for that as of yet, other than the theme is "All That Glitters Green and Gold."

Officer Elections:
It's that time. New charter coming up, so it's time to pass on the torch to new humans who will lead this club down its path of destruction.
We'll be voting from the top down, so humans who don't get the higher positions have the ability to take one below it.

Merchandise Orders:
Magnetic Koozies: $5
T-shirts: $10
Sweatshirts: $30
Merch order form will be closing Thursday, Apr 10 @ 11:59pm. If your order isn't, I will simply laugh at you.
Link is here. (

^Engine rebuilt: one step closer to selling the Poop Truck

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Upcoming Meeting: Wed, Mar 12, 8PM @ Meinecke
Posted by KDP on Wednesday, March 12, 2014 (18:24:21) (676 reads)

Ugh. Welcome to Dead week: where meeting reminders are on time and I'm sleeping all of my needed hours.

You guessed it. Another meeting.

Where: 804 Meinecke Ave, SLO
When: Tonight, Mar 12, at 8PM

Mainly discussing open house things tonight: getting signatures for humans in the parade, having vehicles on display as well.

We are also accepting nominations for leadership next year. This will be voted on when we get back from break, but gives you guys enough time to let the idea's fester in your mind.
Descriptions of positions are listed at the end for your viewing pleasure.

Also important: The Dirt Every Day Go Kart project we've been helping out with needs video release forms from the humans who participated. These will be available at the meeting, or you can ask me for a copy of it. It may be filled out digitally if you have an application that can paste a signature.

^The truancy is strong with this one


Position descriptions:

President: This is the main guy/front of the club. The one who talks (most) at all the meetings. You have to be a Cal Poly student. You're in charge of things like shirts in the beginning of the year and other merchandise (with the treasurer). Also, helping with events, Block party, Open House, etc. Basically should keep track of all the club going-ons. Should be at pretty much all meetings.

Vice-President: This is the main behind the scenes guy. Also has to be a Cal Poly Student. The VP also helps with meetings, but is in charge of things like Open House. Warning for those thinking about it, Open House was a huge responsibility this year and will be even bigger next year. ie, risk management meetings starting in January, at least 5 other meetings, lots of forms, due dates, write-ups, etc. You should be able to do stuff on time and be good with deadlines. Also, keep track of potential new members and keep them updated on meetings. Also, with the pres, schedule any on campus meetings an reserve the rooms. Should be at pretty much all meetings.

Treasurer: In charge of the club's money. We have an off campus account and an on campus account which you keep track of. you collect dues, money for merchandise and anything else the club collects money for. Also, cut checks to people who spend money for the club, for things like Open house, stickers etc. You need to have a phone. The treasurer is also responsible for keeping track of who paid dues and approving them on the forums when they register. Also, you have to be a Cal Poly student

Secretary: May sound like not a big job, but is actually pretty important. Takes notes at all officers meetings and normal meetings and post the minutes later online in the Officers forum. This keeps us on track and reminds us what we drunkenly decided on during the meeting. As the VP, I know I find these minutes very helpful. I believe this position is on our charter so has to be a Cal Poly student as well, but I'll check and make sure.

Historian: Try to keep a collection of club pictures from trips, along with videos, reports of community service, etc. Used to be in charge of scrapbooks but kind of moved into the 21st century, but still the same idea. Just keeping stuff for the club for the future generations to check out.

Safety Officer: Basically, the guy we made to try to keep Risk management off our backs (unsuccessfully). It can be a very good position though, making sure we don't do anything stupid, putting up caution tape and stuff around open house displays, etc. Also, we have a club first aid kit and the safety officer is in charge of this. The idea is the officer either brings it on every trip or loans it to someone who will be going on this trip. Also, keep an inventory of the supplies and their expiration dates, replace any that are used/expired and get refunded through the treasurer.

Social Chair: Basically, organize our social events. This includes thing like Pool nights, crawls, beerfests, scavenger hunts, end of the year BBQs, etc. They don't necessarily have to be drinking events and you don't necessarily have to be an alcoholic to have this position (it just usually seems to work out that way)

Web Apprentice: I only have a little over a year left, so someone should start learning the website for when I leave and get ready to be Web Master for the rest of their college career. Since it takes a bit to get this down, I'd say if you get this, you have it til you graduate. Basically, you create forums, update positions, make smileys and do all the little things people want you to do like change their names, delete a mistake post, etc. Its pretty easy, no real coding experience required.

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Meeting Reminder Upcoming Meeting: Wed, 2/26, 8PM @ GBrothers Smokehouse
Posted by KDP on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 (01:53:53) (672 reads)

SURPRISE. It's that every other Wednesday time... which means its TIME FOR ANOTHER MEETING.

So first and foremost:

PG Club Meeting
Gbrothers Smokehouse (885 Foothill)
8pm, Wed, Feb 26

Agenda: Snow trip Top 10, T-Shirts, Koozies, Weekend Hack-n-Fab with Fred Williams of 4-Wheel Magazine, and finally, Scavenger Hunt.

Snow Trip happened. I believe everyone has paid, but if you haven't, I'll find you.

Finally got the quote for T-shirts and Sweatshirts. Sweatshirts are available in two styles: Pullover Hoodie or Zip up hoodie. You'll be able to choose what you want in the order form that will go live tonight.
Speaking of that, heres the order form link:

This weekend at his Atascadero shop, we'll be helping Fred Williams of 4 Wheel Offroad Magazine destroy a motorhome with the intent of turning it into an awesome buggy. More details like timing, rides, and goodies will be sent when they're finalized. If you want the chance to swing an axe at a motorhome for youtube stardom, this is your chance. Any levels of technical expertise are welcome.

Scavenger hunt is Saturday (March 1) night after our first day of helping Fred. Prepare your bodies. Consult last week's email if you forgot how to read the forums or last week's email.

ttyl lol
^Certified manual racecar driver

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